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Annotated List of All Posts in This Blog

Sexism in the Workplace
Elite Feminist Entitlement
Dating and Marriage
Violence and Abuse
Anti-Male Bias in Mainstream Media
Anti-Male Bias in the Science Press
Misandry in Therapeutic Environments


She’s Always a Woman to Somebody. Some Billy Joel hit songs convey a message of needy quasi-worship of abusive women. These songs seem to be artifacts of a strange era in gender relations.

Sometimes More Gets Done Without Women. A male-only retreat in 2001 produced what a female reporter calls a “software revolution.”

A Word to Men Considering Suicide. You’ve been had.

Research Demonstrates Significant Bias Against Men in Everyday Speech. A study evaluating more than a half-million rater scorings of the most commonly used words in the English languages finds that words used to refer to women are considered much happier than words used to refer to men. Language appears to convey pervasive negativity toward men.

Male Genders: A Preliminary Exploration. Some tentative thoughts on different types of male behaviors.

Being a Dick. My name is Woodcock.


Sexism in the Workplace

Feminists and Other Women at Odds over STEM Workplace Equity. Feminist researchers at Pew distort their findings to accuse STEM workplaces of sexism. This article uses their words and their research to demonstrate that, consistent with their research, their own behavior epitomizes remarkable workplace expectations held especially by women who have spent more years in grad school.

Forms of Discrimination Against Men in the Workplace. The Pew researchers (above) were able to conclude that women suffer more discrimination than men by avoiding forms of discrimination that men experience (e.g., being unequally expected to handle physically dangerous or difficult tasks, being treated as potentially dangerous to employees of the opposite gender).

Feminism and the Male-Female Pay Gap. A writer in Atlantic believes there is a pay gap because she heard it from so-and-so. There is — and it’s about 1/4 the size she imagines. These feminists have missed the boat, glorifying “having it all” instead of a manlike focus on career success, glorifying men and the labor market and deprecating traditional women’s work.

Perhaps Feminism Needs the Men’s Studies Department. If the perspectives of non-dominant men had been considered, feminists would have learned more quickly (1) that “having it all” is not feasible, for those who strive to succeed in competitive careers, and (2) that striving to succeed in competitive careers means discarding less competitive people, as well as the balanced life they prefer.


Elite Feminist Entitlement

#MeToo and the Women Who Avoid Responsibility. Two points: (1) in many Me Too cases, women participated willingly and received career advantages not available to their male competitors, and (2) predatory feminists seek to use Me Too, targeted at predatory males, as an opening to attack all men.

Learning Nothing from the 2016 Election: The Entitled Woman. A writer in Slate epitomizes the entitled feminist mentality that cost Hillary Clinton the election.

Why Hillary Clinton Lost the Election: Keeping the Men Under Control. Instead of Bernie Sanders, she chose a vice presidential candidate who was “hard to dislike.” Feminists would consider him well-behaved.

The Feminists Left Behind: Gender Relations After Hillary Clinton. In a foretaste of what a Clinton Administration would have been like, a feminist who thought Hillary was going to win wrote a New York Times article wrote a meanspirited piece attacking men and expecting them to be more like women.

Analysis of George Will’s “Colleges Become the Victims of Progressivism.” Will argues that college professors who have advocated a victim mentality are now having that turned against them. Will’s writing, in this instance, is poor. I provide partly a critique and partly an attempt to distill credible claims from his words.

The National Organization of Women and the Hounding of Larry Summers. Summers was hounded out of his job for correctly observing that, on standardized math exams, male scores are spread along a broader spectrum than female. That is, men are much more likely to be at the extreme high and low ends. This appears to explain why the most extremely qualified people in various STEM fields are overwhelmingly male.

An Author’s Encounter with Affilia. Feminists in social work strike another blow for equality, with weird excuses and deliberate delays culminating in an unexplained rejection of a male author’s manuscript.



Being Woke About Australia. A privileged young Asian woman smears the Australia that has given her a great life, using trivial complaints to portray herself as a fellow-sufferer with those who have experienced real racism and violence.

“Trump Diversifies Cabinet” – The Left’s Self-Defeating Pseudo-Diversity. The New York Times feels that diversity has been served when Trump appoints a rich white female who works against liberal causes.

Feminists Against Women Against Feminism. A response to criticisms of the Women Against Feminism movement. The question is whether second-wave feminism’s dinosaurs can adapt to new realities.

Pictures: Women Who Don’t Need Feminism. Example: a woman holding a sign reading, “I don’t need feminism because I believe in equality, not entitlements and supremacy.”

White Female Social Work Faculty and Black Male Students. Discussion of an incident in which a white female social worker endorsed the idea that black males would (and perhaps should) beat up white guys who use politically incorrect terms.

A Few Reflections on “10 Things I Hate About Asians.” Thoughts about a funny video.

A Weekend Seminar on “Diversity.” Liberals have adopted a corporate mentality toward diversity. For them, it means certain specific classes (e.g., women, blacks, gays). I lampoon a book chapter that wanders around in that mentality. Quote: I can easily have more in common . . . with a black or gay man than with another middle-class heterosexual Anglo-Saxon Protestant male.”

Deleterious Male-Male Faculty-Student Interactions in SSWs. Cowardly white male professors in social work who rationalize their continued employment, in that overwhelmingly female profession, by picking on white male students.


Dating and Marriage

Are You Allowed to Compliment a Woman on Her Looks? A PhD student in immunology seems to want men not to prioritize female good looks except when it’s the right man. She proceeds to opine on aspects of academia about which she seems poorly informed.

LaFrance at The Atlantic: No Means No. Yes May Also Mean No. The author argues that a woman who was 24, at the time of her consensual sex with a famous man, can look back years later, decide that she shouldn’t have consented, and conclude that she was a victim.

The Happiness of Married Women. A feminist’s inept article in Money, evidently based on her own sour experience, drives this look at women’s happiness before, during, and after marriage.

Some Readings on Marriage and Divorce. This long review examines a variety of factors contributing to successful marriage. Examples include the difference between marriage as an institution or as a mere contract, an entitled attitude beginning with the Baby Boomers, personal characteristics, and a real assault on marriage for minorities, especially blacks.

The Ways of Lust. A restatement pointing toward the critical research about women that you won’t see, because everybody is too busy with critical research about men.

The Sugar Daddy and the Sugar Mama. A brief look at the wealthy meal ticket and the quid pro quo.

Haremization. A widespread pattern of marrying up means more women for the rich guys and none for the men at the bottom of the ladder. Then the men with less status become unwanted and appear inferior, against stereotypical female advantages that involve lack of principle.


Violence and Abuse

Credibility of Women’s Advocates Regarding Rape. Some women’s advocates, such as the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), sought to use statistics accurately to present a credible case. By contrast, the Obama Administration and others distorted such statistics in pursuit of an agenda. Brief reflection on why people would falsify the data.

Some Statistics on Rape of Adult Women in the U.S. Examples: possibly as many as 4% of women are raped in college. Of the women who reach age 35 without being raped, about 99% never will be.

What Is Rape? An exploration of some complexities.

What Is Sexual Assault? Complexities in relevant concepts suggest that the law expects men to spend Saturday mornings in the law library, researching what they can safely do on their Saturday nights.

An Encounter with “Domestic Violence.” Becoming the victim of a malicious woman who plays the feminine advantage.

What Is Domestic Violence? Legal terms, inflated definitions, and other factors producing female dominance, with the aid of the Obama Administration’s Office on Violence Against Women.

Social Workers, Keeping Good Men Down: “Charged with a Crime” or “Pled Nolo Contendere.” Criminal charges have dramatic negative life consequences. Criminal charges are largely directed toward disadvantaged males. Prosecutors commonly seek to file charges whenever possible. Sentencing is much harsher for males than for females. The overwhelmingly female profession of social work has tended to approve this state of affairs.

Reflections on a Violent Dad. Appraising (among other things) Mom’s method of gaining a form of dominance despite abuse.

Casting Aspersions: Palin and Letterman. Exploiting an opportunity to use a comedian’s gender to imply that he’s a pervert.


Anti-Male Bias in Mainstream Media

Misandristic Unethicality at the New York Times. The Times violates a number of its own alleged ethical guidelines in an article that treats one mass murderer as a commentary on men throughout the western world.

Rediscovering Misogyny, With the Encouragement of the New York Times. Contrary to the researcher’s own cautions, the Times uses a study of one single classroom as an excuse for offensive remarks about all men. I trace my own immediate and subsequent reactions.

Serious Sexual Harassment Virtually Eliminated on Australian Campuses. The New York Times dramatizes a complaint of “rape culture,” at Australian universities, that grossly misstates the actual research findings. The article can be convincingly restated to support the opposite conclusion.

When Men Should Not Help Women Lead. Men should not help women become part of the problem. Not that these elitist females writing in Time expect them to: to them, “men” means “CEOs.” Therefore they complain about “men” as if we were all Harvey Weinstein — never mind the “women are wonderful” effect.

Two Women Abuse a Gray Lady. Ideology drives two feminists to write a nutty New York Times piece, presenting men as the problem dividing Germany’s Angela Merkel and Britain’s Theresa May, when the two profoundly differ from each other in style and viewpoint.

Why Women Choose Not to Marry. CNN carries an article in which the aging “love and relationships ambassador” for the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) presents a derogatory and bitter attitude toward men and marriage. For example, women are unmarried because of cheating men who do not contribute to women’s wealth.

Violently Raping Your Friend Just for Laughs. The New York Times editorial board grandstands with an opinion about a Facebook page that apparently it didn’t actually read, much less think about.


Anti-Male Bias in the Science Press

Male Professors, Riding on the Backs of Other Men. Science Daily highlights a lame writeup (e.g., primarily citing sources more than ten years old) of a weak study (e.g., small sample, not randomly selected, from a small population) in an obscure pay-to-publish journal. While the article fails to support the researcher’s claim that men generally hurt others to advance their own interests, it does suggest that this might be true of him.

Digging Hard to Invent SexismScience Daily exaggerates results of a poorly designed study that ignores its own inconvenient findings, to “prove” sexist bias against women (the researcher, for example) who earn high grades.

Fortunately, Semester Grades Can Be Rigged to Favor Females. Science Daily approves an article observing that women get better grades in STEM courses when graded by methods that, unlike traditional midterm and final exams, do not focus on students equally and individually (e.g., group participation), do not require mastery of large amounts of course material (e.g., quizzes), and are easier to cheat on (e.g., written assignments).

Science Daily Says Women Get Less Credit Than Men in the Workplace. To make this point, Science Daily selected a study of performance by overwhelmingly male groups at West Point Military Academy, in competitions graded partly on physical strength (i.e., combat swim with full gear). The researchers didn’t inquire into differences among the men who earned high vs. low scores.

13 Ways to Spot a Misandrist. An anti-male piece in Psychology Today rewritten to turn a dozen criticisms of men back against women.

Women Still Dumber Than Men in Important Ways. LiveScience’s writer provides an article whose title incoherently claims women are “getting smarter faster than men.” Not to use her title as evidence to the contrary, but her article suffers from confusion as to how progress can be measured, and the “men” and “women” in the actual research were 8 to 22 years old. My title responds to her sexist title with a more accurate statement of the researcher’s findings.


Misandry in Therapeutic Environments

The WebMD Depression and Suicide Assessment — for Women Only? Females are overwhelmingly the victims of breast cancer. About the same numbers and relative percentages apply to male victims of suicide. Yet mental health, and the WebMD website, are structured to cater to female mental health needs.

Group Counseling: The Man in the Hotseat. Glimmers of abusive treatment of male clients in therapeutic settings.

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